How We Can Help You
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Want to stand out from the crowd? Need help getting your company noticed?

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. 

Your brand is your logo, your website, packaging and promotional materials, all of which should integrate your logo and communicate your brand effectively and efficiently. jellymediauk can help you achieve your brand awareness with logos, media packs, business cards and promotional opportunites, so what are you waiting for?


Are you not happy with the way your business is running? Do you want more time and worry less? jellymediauk can look at your business for you. We can look at ways to make your business more efficient, profitable or maybe just a nicer place to work. jellymediauk can look at business opportunities or ways to increase revenue that maybe you hadn't thought of. We will give you an honest and open opinion, good or bad...

Editorial Support

Whether you need a feature written for a magazine, website, presentation or event, jellymediauk has specialist writers, proof readers and editors who can supply high-quality, informative and precise content to deadline. We will find writers who are interested in your specific area, giving a personal touch to your business.

Graphic Design

jellymediauk conceives and delivers digital, print, social, multi-language, multi-platform solutions.

From web and print designers, our dedicated team work together to make sure you are happy working with us and most importantly the results you receive.


  • Business cards, leaflets, posters, flyers

  • Brochures, catalogues, magazines, one-shots, media packs

  • Features, articles, document

2D & 3D Illustrations

jellymediauk has talented ilustrators who can turn your scribble on a piece of paper in to a masterpiece. Whether it be technical drawings, 2D or 3D, our experts are skilled professionals. All artwork is delivered on time and there are no hidden costs. So just get in touch!

Paper Sourcing

So many papers, so many types! Matt, gloss, wood-free? You want to scream, right?

Let jellymediauk help narrow down that choice for you. We have many professionals who can help you choose the very best paper stock for your publication, brochure, catalogue etc. We can find the right paper, at the very best price for your needs.


Each of our photographers is a specialist in their own area so jellymediauk can match your requirements quickly and efficiently, getting you the very best photographer for your own circumstances. Many have photographed some of the most influential places and personalities in art, politics, science, the military, sport, business and entertainment. 


  • Portraiture, business, corporate and media events

  • Interior photography

  • Technology

  • Hobbies, activities

  • Studio based photography

  • Drone / Aerial photography


Maybe you've got a great idea for a publication which you want the rest of the world to see, or have an existing customer base and want to send them a catalogue or brochure to remind them of offers and promotions. Here at jellymediauk we have experts in publishing and logistics.

  • Put together a complete publication from start to finish

  • Consult with market leaders to get your product in to large high street stores

  • Advise on product placement and possible in-store promotions

  • Work out supply levels and distribution placement

  • Mail your existing product to current customers or subscribers


At jellymediauk we have great connections with some of the largest printers in the UK. Whatever you want, small or large, we can accommodate your needs. All our print specialists are experts and pride themselves on their exceptional quality.


French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German, jellymediauk can help you translate anything you need, from articles and projects to any size of documentation. We will always go to our expert translators first before quoting as we believe in giving you a fair price. We always charge by the number of words in the source text so you know exactly how much you’ll be charged before accepting our quote.

Web Design

Our web sites are professionally designed, easy to navigate and work across all platforms. We can add personal touches to your website like your company logo, videos and company colours.

We have web designers on hand to help you make your ideas come to life. jellymediauk offers a FREE first consultation where we can plan out your web site, so just get in touch.

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